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A clear mission guided Jesus’ life. He declared, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10, NIV). In fulfilling His mission, Jesus spent more time healing than He did teaching and preaching. Seventh-day Adventists believe in following Jesus’ example of ministering to the whole person. We believe that the Gospel includes good news in the physical, social, and mental, as well as the spiritual dimensions of life. Health ministry, or health evangelism, means sharing the good news that Jesus wants to give each person health, healing and wholeness in every dimension of life. Health ministry offers the power of Jesus and His Word to heal human sickness.

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We invite you start on a journey to optimal health by understanding and incorporating these eight health laws into your life:

 - Sunlight
 - Trust in God
 - Air
 - Rest
 - Temperance
 - Nutrition
 - Exercise
 - Water

Video introduction to the eight laws of healthIFrame

You can view a video presentation for each of the eight laws of health here.

In 2018 we will have a number of events designed to help us on our journey to optimal health.  We will be having quarterly whole-foods plant-based potlucks.  The dates will be announced soon.

In September 2018 we will conduct our yearly Let's Move Day 5K walk/run.  The tentative date is September 16.

There will be many opportunities to learn the many ways in which we can improve our health through the adoption of these simple yet powerful laws, and we will continue to witness the power and love of God in our lives.  We invite you to come along, together, on a journey to optimal health.

Please fill out this health assessment.  It's completely anonymous.  We will use it to better tailor our health seminars, programs and events in 2018.

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