Welcome to the Wayne SDA Church in Wayne, NJ. 


Church is open for regular in-person services.   Join us  for Adult Sabbath School (9:15 am) and Divine Worship Service (11:00 am) in the sanctuary, or via the live stream from home. Potluck will be held every third Sabbath of the month.


YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/@WaynesdaOrg/streams


Junior and Earliteen classes meet in the Fellowship Hall.  For younger children's classes, contact your teacher for details.

Stay connected with us by email for weekly bulletins and important announcements.  Sign up here.  



As we gather for worship, please continue to follow these guidelines:

Stay home:

  •   -If you have a fever, cough, or are sneezing
  •   -If you don’t feel well
  •   -If you are concerned you may have been exposed to COVID
  •   -If you are waiting for results of a COVID test


We have a health message that includes the “NEWSTART” laws of health. We encourage you to learn more about God’s perfect design and how to best protect ourselves by making sure we have a robust immune system.


  • Nutrition - Eat according to God’s plan for His people
  • Exercise - Be active physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Water - Drink lots of clean water, and live clean lives
  • Sunlight - Enjoy God’s sunlight which is so important to a healthy lifestyle
  • Temperance - Live as simply as you can and let God live large in you
  • Air - Enjoy fresh air as close to nature and as often as possible
  • Rest - Get good sleep, and remember the Sabbath rest with God and His people
  • Trust God above all else.




The community is invited to make use of our Food Pantry, which is open on Wednesdays, from 7-8pm.


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2023 Sunset Calendar

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A Worldwide Church Family

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a mainstream Protestant church with approximately 19 million members worldwide, including more than one million members in North America. The Adventist Church operates 173 hospitals and sanitariums and more than 7,500 schools around the world. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) works within communities in more than 130 countries to provide community development and disaster relief.



History of Wayne Church

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